Men's ET-Shirt 'Mantis'


Lots of alien T-shirts exist on the market, but none capture the image of a real alien....Until now

'ET-Shirts' are images of REAL EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS.  Drawn in their true image, Robert Fullington the artist who created them, in reality met with the beings on board a craft.

'The Soul', 'Tall White Zeta', and 'Mantis'.  Collect all three.

The 'ET-Shirt' collection is guaranteed to draw attention and get a double-look from people.


Mantis are higher dimensional beings.  Sensitive to sound and light, they use this special heightened awareness in the connection and use of frequencies to change their environment and communicate with others and surroundings. 

They are here to use these gifts to infuse higher frequencies into hearts and environments through form, sound and color.  No one can do this like a fluid dancing Mantis soul!

Mantis are assisting, and in many ways overseeing, the Zeta Reticulan hybrid program, and human spiritual advancement.  They were asked by Galactic Councils to participate.  They are assuring that universal principals are adhered to as well as giving their expertise in frequency alignment.  They are the artists in the hybrid process, if you will.   

Being 8-10 ft in height they are aware their appearance may be frightening or intimidating. The experience however, being with Mantis is much different.  Humans who have been graced in their presence have telepathically experienced their higher dimensional spirituality and tranquility, and do not wish to leave them.    

Mantis have quit a sense of humour.  Some people have seen them appear wearing wigs.  

Over 800,000 Mantis souls are incarnated here on Earth now.  Many of these Starseeds are artistic in some way.  They are writers, musicians, poets.

Mantis beings assure that frequencies are appropriate and the atmosphere conducive to the particular outcome that is desired. They are the mural painters of the universe.  




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