Women's ET-Shirt 'Tall White Zeta'


Ladies Sheer Scoopneck T-Shirt with Tear Away™ Label


Lots of alien T-shirts exist on the market, but none capture the image of a real alien....Until now

'ET-Shirts' are images of REAL EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS.  Drawn in their true image, Robert Fullington the artist who created them, in reality met with the beings on board a craft.

'The Soul', 'Tall White Zeta', and 'Mantis'.  Collect all three.

The 'ET-Shirt' collection is guaranteed to draw attention and get a double-look from people.


TALL WHITE ZETA are one of the highest spiritual beings in the the Reticuli sector.  They are often over 6' tall with glowing white skin and very light-sensitive eyes, which is why they wear the black lenses over their eyes.  Those who have experienced them are people of very high spiritual ethics.  Many get guidance from them during times of turmoil, depression and stress, as well as incredible love from them.

Ahead of us by a few million years, Zetas have become space travelers spending their entire existence in space.  Since becoming aware long ago that their consciousness is not their physical container, they can consciously move into different bodies.  They tend to stick with a form that suits their jobs or roles at any given time. 

Zetas are highly technologically and scientifically advanced.  Most have now evolved to be able to integrate technology in a symbiotic relationship having learned to balance their spirituality with their technological dependency.  They understand their tools also have consciousness and they work with that consciousness. 

Zetas can integrate with the consciousness of anything, and they create this way. Their ships and equipment respond to their telepathic communication and are considered living beings.

Involvement with Earth: The Zetas have been involved with Earth periodically since the first life forms were established here, and with humanity since their earliest evolutionary leaps. They have always been here as guardians and aids in our development and in assisting with DNA upgrades.

They have been asked by galactic councils to create an Earth human/Zeta hybrid in order to help humans leap to a new level of consciousness and further the ongoing universal human expression. 

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