Women's ET-Shirt 'The Soul'


Ladies Sheer Scoopneck T-Shirt with Tear Away™ Label

Lots of alien T-shirts exist on the market, but none capture the image of a real alien....Until now

'ET-Shirts' are images of REAL EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS.  Drawn in their true image, Robert Fullington the artist who created them, in reality met with the beings on board a craft.

'The Soul', 'Tall White Zeta', and 'Mantis'.  Collect all three.

The 'ET-Shirt' collection is guaranteed to draw attention and get a double-look from people.


Robert found himself on board their craft.  He saw himself  from outside his own body, sitting in a chair being worked on by a group of Zetas.  He then became self aware that he was dis-embodied and in 'life-force' form, being held in the hands by the being in the picture.

To distract him, they told him a joke, "Why do Giraffes have such long necks?......... Because of their VERTEBRAE!"  

The room was then filled with the low laughter of all the Zetas.  (huh, huh, huh, ho, ho, ho!) 


Zetas can integrate with the consciousness of anything, and they create this way. Their ships and equipment respond to their telepathic communication and are considered living beings.

Involvement with Earth: The Zetas have been involved with Earth periodically since the first life forms were established here, and with humanity since their earliest evolutionary leaps. They have always been here as guardians and aids in our development and in assisting with DNA upgrades.

They have been asked by galactic councils to create an Earth human/Zeta hybrid in order to help humans leap to a new level of consciousness and further the ongoing universal human expression. 

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